Keeping Preston in touch

Welcome to the Preston Corona Forums. Whilst our cafes, pubs, world famous bus station and the U.K.’s first KFC are closed down, this is a place for Prestonian’s to stay in touch. Not only that, it’s a place for the city to come together, to support each other, to interact and to exchange ideas and resources.

You’ll find places to volunteer your services and help, to learn of charities and organisations that are looking for help, information about which Preston businesses are open and maybe how to get your Friday night fish and chips delivered.

Through the forum you can keep tabs on the Corona virus situation as it develops across the city and you can participate in regular surveys of how many people are isolating, or who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 across Preston and the surrounding areas.

There are forums to help families and children, whether it be with your child’s education or keeping them entertained. There are forums for fitness, mental health and welfare. There are places for our artists and creatives to collaborate and work together, as well as spaces for faith groups to interact and to pray.

You can share your life, hobbies and passions. Whether it be films, sport, cooking, or arts and crafts, there is a place for you to talk with other like-minded Prestonian’s and if there isn’t, we can quickly make one for you.

Missing your mates from the local? We have a board for Preston’s pub and club regulars to open a bottle and keep up the chat.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used a forum before. It’s just like using WhatsApp or sending a text. Here is a simple guide to show you what to do.

Registration takes 30 seconds. Read our How to Register Guide or simply click on the Register link at the top right of the page. You don’t have to register to post, but if you are a business or an organisation that wishes to communicate directly with Prestonians, registration will help you communicate easier.

Please be respectful and tolerant of other people’s views, refrain from abuse, bad language and any images or links that people might find offensive. Here is a list of forum rules to read before you post.

Please share details of this forum with your friends and family, or any business or organisation you know.