What upgrades would follow your Windows 11 update?

Microsoft Windows has always proved to be the best in shaping tasks across work and personal life. Be it creating important presentations, maintaining data on a spreadsheet or creating documents, versions of Windows have continued to deliver the best services for enhancing our working productivity.

Recently, it was announced that a new Windows 11 update is getting ready to make its way into people’s lives with tons of significant upgrades and tweaks for Windows applications.

This read will give you a clear insight into all of the changes that you’ll get to experience with your Windows 11 update that will successfully enhance your time on your computer screen. Let’s move forth and take a look at what these upgrades entail.

What is the Windows 11 update directed to?

There have been many updates in the Windows software and all of these versions brought significant changes into your lives. However, with a Windows 11 update, there are multiple application user interfaces that have been announced to change.

It has been over a decade and these Windows applications still have a functional user interface that was initially designed. The Windows 11 update expansion is said to be huge along with undivided attention to creating a user interface with accurate uniformity (almost like the Windows 10).

Which applications are getting upgraded and how?

Given below is a list of Windows applications that are believed to get upgraded with the new upcoming Windows 11 update:

  • with Windows 11 update, the built-in calculator application on your Windows computer will now have a rounded-edge, and it will proudly feature the Windows 11 theme (i.e., white, black and light blue).
  • The application for Paint has had the same user interface (UI) since the release of Windows 7 and so, on this version of Windows its UI would majorly change to have a new appearance and lose the reputation of being a rigid Windows application.
  • This app was launched at the time of the Windows 8 release and was compatible with macOSX, along with catering to the image storing feature for Microsoft and provided your computers with a gallery.
  • This application was launched with Windows 10 and was previously made available with Windows 95. The new Windows 11 update is hell-bent on empowering the application to let users enjoy multiple features that were enjoyed by users almost two decades ago.


Windows operating systems have been playing a vital role in enhancing technical work productivity for more than a decade now, and have been upgrading their versions to enhance the user experience.

This informative read will walk you through the new upcoming Windows 11 update that is believed to bring in a lot of upgrades to long-existing Windows applications. You’ll now be familiar with a list of Windows applications that’ll be upgraded, only to benefit you.

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Know about the Windows 11 update that is soon to be released, the goals of the version, and is said to be followed by a few upgrades for Windows applications.

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