What are the 10 most important facts about the planet Earth?

The orb, we all proudly call our home, is full of mind-wrecking and jaw-dropping surprises. It is the third closest planet from the sun and is the largest of the terrestrial planets. It was formed almost 4.54 billion years ago. It is the only planet in the universe that is confirmed to host life. While all the other planets were named after a Greek or a Roman deity, our planet was given the name in the German language, calling it ‘The Earth’ which meant the ground.

Whatever stated above, was all that was known before and was common. However, like it is announced above in the beginning, our planet has the potential of giving appalling surprises. From the spectacle of explosive volcanoes to the catastrophic tectonic plate collisions, the orb we reside on can be full of thunderbolts and mysteries. Henceforth, let’s look at the 10 most important facts about the planet Earth.

10 Most Important Facts about the Planet Earth

  • Earth has a Powerful Magnetic Field

The Earth has got a powerful magnetic field. This idea was generated by the nickel-iron core of the planet along with the movement of its rotation. The powerful magnetic field of the Earth’s outer core was measured to be at least 25 Gauss. It is caused by the electric currents that flow in the outer liquid layer of the Earth’s core.

  • The Earth is the Densest Planet of the Solar System

When the average density of the Earth was measured, it was approximately of 5.52 grams per cubic centimeter. It is stated that the metallic core of the Earth is way denser than its crust. It is considered as the densest planet of the solar system in terms of the rockiness.

  • The Earth doesn’t take 24 Hours to revolve on the Axis

The Earth takes 24 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds to revolve around its axis, not 24 hours. This brings up another fact that a complete year of the Earth doesn’t consist of 365 days. The 4 minutes of everyday makes a year finish in 365.254 days.

  • Its Rotation is Slowing

Moreover, the rotation of Earth is gradually slowing as well. This is exactly why the length of the days are slowly increasing too but the process is so slow and steady that it has to take at least a hundred and forty million years to get the length of the day shift to twenty-five hours per day than twenty-four hours.

  • The Earth isn’t the Centre of the World

A wrong perception used to be famous that the Earth lied in the center whereas all the other celestial bodies used to orbit around it. However, later it was discovered that the sun was in the center and the planets revolve around it.

  • It’s the 3rd Planet from the Sun

Were you aware the Earth is only three planets away from the sun?

  • The Earth isn’t exactly Round

Facts state the Earth isn’t entirely round in shape. It has a slight bulge towards the equator. Its constant rotation has caused the Earth to have a slight bulge around the equator.

  • The Dead Sea is the Lowest Point on the Earth

Initially it was perceived that the lowest point of the Earth isn’t accessible. However, it was later revealed that the lowest point of the Earth is accessible as it is the Dead Sea. The surface of this lake is more than 1388 (423M) even below the sea level.

  • Lakes on Earth can Explode

Seems bizarre but is true. Lakes on Earth can explode. In some areas of the Earth, lakes are just situated above the volcanic earth. There lies magma behind these surfaces which receives constant carbon dioxide in the lakes. A strong carbon dioxide-rich layer above the lake forms. This can trigger a bust in the lake which can cause an explosion.

  • The Glaciers are Melting Super-Fast

Due to the long-ago nuclear test in the early 1950s, it threw dust in the atmosphere. Most of those particles fell within the rainfall and the snowfall, while some of it got trapped in the glaciers which are making them melt super-fast.

Conclusively Stating,

A lot of people don’t have sufficient information about the ways the Earthwork. The Earthworks in mysterious ways which is why a lot of students studying or obtaining higher degrees in geography always are with ‘write my dissertation for me’ pleads. This subject is so diverse and contains so much depth that is still to be discovered. This causes them perplexity to understand the ways in which the Earth operates. There is no doubt in the fact that the planet we reside on is full of surprises.

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