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The first round of Saint Soland is expected to return to the game

The New Orleans Saints Defensive Groups may usher in an important member return.

The coach Slen Payton said he believes that he believes that the first round of defensive cuthandhand-Lanins (Sheldon Rankins) can return this week.

“Just makes him 100% recovery and ready to play games,” Pelton is asked which factors determine whether Lanins can be expressed.

Langins encountered a tidental fracture in mid-August, he started training two weeks ago. He will become a player who returns from the injury reserve list this season.

Before the injury of Lanins, the Saint has a high look forward to this year’s first round. He is an excellent running and defending player and cheap nfl jerseys for sale has excellent impact quartz guards.

His return is a huge bonus for the defensive defense of the Saint Ranking League. Saint Shengqi has made your opponent to advance 397.4 yards, wholesale jerseys free shipping and the whole team gains 10 kills, nfl jerseys column 29.

The growth of Lanins’ returning and corner Delvin Breaux should help the saints bad defense. In the case of four-point Delu Bris (Drew Brees), the defensive group that achieved progress may be able to let the Saints reverberate.

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