Which are the most significant timepieces in Singapore’s history?


Which are the most significant timepieces in Singapore’s history?

Timepieces make lovely heirlooms, and เล่นสล็อต there’s a good chance you’ve already inherited one or are preparing to bestow one on your children. But those who haven’t can still enjoy the stories of the horological treasures that our very own country has saved for us.

Established in 1821, Paterson, Simons & Co was one of the earliest trading companies in Singapore. It traded in all manner of commodities, from sea slugs and shark fins to camphor, coffee and cinnamon, and also exported tropical produce like rubber and pineapples to the rest of the world.

William Paterson, a partner at the company, acquired this pocket watch and had it engraved to be gifted to Tan Kim Tian, a former office boy of his who proved so competent in the business that he eventually struck out on his own to establish the Tan Kim Tian and Sons shipping company in 1865. The watch was a gift to commemorate Tan’s new venture.

Lee Kuan Yew may have had a very different career trajectory had it not been for a bunch of really angry postmen.

In 1953, Lee, then a young lawyer, served as counsel for the Singapore Post and Telegraph Uniformed Staff Union against the government. The arbitration proceedings were held at Victoria Memorial Hall, and Lee was successful in helping nearly 1,000 clerks receive 28 months of back pay. As thanks, the Union gifted him with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

Two years later, Lee would go on to win his first election in the Tanjong Pagar constituency, where the postmen and dock workers were also based. Even after he helped build Singapore into the metropolis it is today, Lee’s allegiances were always with the working man.