What are the chances of the football season finishing?


I'll be gutted if Liverpool are denied the chance to win the title. Even if we were to have lost every game if the season had carried on we would still win the Premiership. It will be the biggest tragedy in sport if Liverpool are denied the Premiership for the first time.


Don't forget that football in England didn't just start with the Premiership. Liverpool have won the top division 18 times. Just because it's had a name change, it doesn't mean you haven't won it before!

The only situation I can think of which is similar to this was in last years Tour de France, where the final racing stage was stopped due to avalanche. Everything was still to play for and Geraint Thomas was hoping to go on and take the title again.  The race organisers ruled that wherever you were on the road was where you finished the race.

To me this would be the fairest result if the Leagues have to end prematurely. Each club would finish where they are now.

It would mean that North End finished in the play offs..