Covid-19: Nisra records 64 more coronavirus-linked deaths


Covid-19: Nisra records 64 more coronavirus-linked deaths



Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificates of 64 people in the week to last Friday, 3 September.

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That is 11 more than the previous week, and brings the government statistic agency Nisra's total to 3,246.

The Department of Health's total for the same date, based on a positive test result being recorded, was 2,399.

Nisra's figures are higher because it records mentions of the virus on death certificates, where it may or may not have been confirmed by way of a test.

On the agency's measure, around two-thirds of Covid-19 related deaths have occurred in hospital (2,204).

There have been 1,059 care home resident deaths, accounting for around a third of all Covid-19 related deaths.

Of those deaths, 807 occurred in care homes, while the remainder happened elsewhere, including in hospital.

Covid-19 related deaths were also recorded in hospices (0.4%) and other residential locations (7.5%).

People aged 75 and over account for more than three-quarters of all Covid-19 related registered deaths (75.1%) between 19 March 2020 and 3 September 2021.