Canada's vaccination rate overtakes US


Canada's vaccination rate overtakes US



Canada has overtaken the US in SLOTXO second dose vaccination rates, after months of lagging behind its southern neighbour.

As of 16 July, 48.45% of Canadians are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, compared with 48.05% of Americans.

If Canada's vaccine progress continues it may open its border to US travellers after a 16-month closure, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week.

In the US, a levelling-off of vaccine rates comes amid a concerning increase in Covid-19 cases.

President Joe Biden failed to meet a self-set target of 70% of adults vaccinated by the 4 July holiday weekend. About 68% of Americans aged 18 and older have received at least one shot.

The White House and local governments have turned to both creative solutions and celebrity guest stars in an effort to counter vaccine hesitancy.

Michigan, Ohio and California are among the states offering cash lotteries for residents who get the jab. Pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo made an appearance at the White House this week to promote vaccinations among young people, and Nascar will host a vaccine drive this weekend.

The push for vaccines is now taking on added urgency, as infections increase in every state, driven by a surge in variants. Still, case numbers remain dramatically lower than in winter when they were at the peak.

In Canada, too, vaccine rates have slowed in recent weeks, after a steep upswing beginning in late March.