Anglesey: 'Solar farms no benefit to communities'


Anglesey: 'Solar farms no benefit to communities'



More should be done to ensure giant solar farms benefit local communities, campaigners have said.

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Plans for at least three solar energy projects have been proposed on Anglesey in recent years.

Campaigners against a 135-acre (54 hectare) scheme have compared it to the flooding of Capel Celyn in Gwynedd to create a reservoir in the 1960s.

However developers said they are "exploring opportunities for local ownership".

The Welsh government, who are responsible for approving large energy projects, said all schemes should deliver benefits "in line with its wellbeing goals".

A number of solar projects are being planned on the island, including the-2,000 acre (809 hectare) Môn Solar Farm, on sites near Amlwch, Llannerch-y-medd and Llyn Alaw.

It plans to have a capacity of 350 MW - enough to power more than 130,000 homes a year.

Separate plans, also near Llyn Alaw, could see 750 acres (304 hectares) filled with solar panels.


With the large projects classed as Developments of National Significance (DNS), the Welsh government is responsible for deciding whether they go ahead.