Blackpink Lisa’s source of wealth

Many are curious about the source of Lisa BLACKPINK’s wealth, who just officially debuted solo by releasing the single Lalisa on Friday (10/9/2021). This new work will certainly increase the list of sources of Lisa BLACKPINK’s wealth which she added at least because she has a hobby of playing soccer gambling lists. The owner’s full name, Lalisa Manoban, only takes about four hours for the video clip to be watched tens of millions of times on YouTube. Proving its popularity is no joke. This Thai-born idol is known as a hard-working figure.

In addition to her work as a singer, Lisa is also a subscription to advertising projects until she is lined up to become a television show star. The source of Lisa BLACKPINK’s wealth seems to be increasing along with her popularity and work being increasingly known to the public. Lisa herself had thought of looking for a business area but she still couldn’t because of several things. Curious about the source of Lisa BLACKPINK’s wealth? Check out his review below.

List of Assets Into BLACKPINK Lisa’s Income Sbobet

Concerts are, of course, a source of income for musicians. The high enthusiasm of BLACKPINK fans in each show, of course, brings fantastic benefits for Lisa and friends. Even so, during the pandemic, BLACKPINK still earned income from concerts held online titled The Show, which were also successfully carried out.

Photobook sale
Lisa, who likes photography, has released a photobook titled 0327. This work feels personal because the idol participates a lot in the process including the design. Moreover, this book was only released on a limited basis. Not surprisingly, Lisa’s photobook has become an object that many of her loyal fans are looking for. Selling well in the market, the profit from the sale of the book containing her photos is of course one of Lisa’s sources of income. situs slot terbaik

Lisa’s first source of income is profits from album sales. Since their debut, BLACKPINK’s releases have always been in demand in the market. Now, his coffers are getting bigger along with his solo project. Pre-orders for the Lalisa album itself are known to have reached 700 thousand units in just four days.

Brand Ambassador
One source of Lisa’s coffers is advertising projects. As a Kpop idol who is famous to foreign countries, of course many brands are interested in getting Lisa as a brand ambassador. Lisa is known to be the brand ambassador of the well-known brand BVLGARI since 2020. In addition, she is also an international ambassador for MAC Comestic.

Become a guest star

Kpop idols are often lined up to star in various television programs. Lisa is believed to be the mentor of Youth With You for several seasons. This is of course a source of income. In addition to Youth With You, Lisa is known to star in the Real Man 300 program and has a Lisa TV program which is also of interest to viewers.

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